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Kewtech KT63 Multifunction Tester

Kewtech KT63 Multifunction Tester
Code: Kewtech KT63


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Easy to use - straight forward interface
Best loop performance accuracy when bench marked against other brands
No Bangs - continuous live monitoring means no bangs
IP54 even when the leads are not plugged in - a great help if you happen to be caught outside
Proven, accurate and reliable

Multifunction  5-1 Tester 
Easy to use
New Anti Trip Technology loop for full no trip Loop testing of RCD of all types.
Low susceptibility of RCD uplift and noise interference
Displays PFC/PSC at same time as Loop reading
250 / 500 / 1000V insulation test with auto discharge
Test leads auto-null for continuity mode
RCD auto test mode for 30mA RCDs
RCD ramp test function
Hand-free mode controlled by separate button
Single rotary dial for function selection
Comes in hard carry case
Auto ranging Continuity measurement to 2000Ω
Protected against phase to phase connection
Instant correct wiring status check
Complies with BS7671 (Part P)


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