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Insulation Testers

Our range of insulation testers include models from most major manufacturers, including Di-Log, Fluke, Kewtech, Megger and.

We have models to suit every need whether you prefer analogue or digital meters.

Click on the links below for detailed information on each model.

The Di-log range of Insulation Testers includes the 9069 with large digital and bar graph display indication of test values and limits.

The Fluke 1507 and 1503 Insulation Testers are compact, rugged, reliable and easy to use. Both have multiple test voltages.

The Fluke 1587 and 1577 Insulation Multimeters combine a digital insulation tester with a full featured True RMS digital multimeter in a single compact, handheld unit.

The Kewtech range of Insulation Testers include the KT31 which is ideal for those who prefer an analogue meter.

The KT35 is a digital Insulation Tester with bar graph indication of test voltage.

Megger have a wide range of Insulation Testers which includes the MIT220 and MIT230, two of the smallest Insulation Testers available.

Then there is the MIT300 series which includes both analogue and digital models.

The MIT400 series of insulation and continuity tester offers those working in electrical engineering, the electrical supply industry and in maintenance, repair and servicing of industrial equipment and manufacturing processes the safety and comfort of a modern purpose designed instrument.

The MIT481 is an impressively designed insulation and continuity tester that answers the specific needs of the telecoms engineer



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